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NNE MEDICAL Supply & Equipment, Inc. provides a wide range of home medical equipment to help improve the quality of our patients’ lives. You can expect to receive not only equipment, but caring support from our experienced staff.

You can expect assessments of the home environment, delivery and set-up of equipment, and in-home education, as directed by your doctor’s treatment plan to ensure proper and safe use, operation, and maintenance of your medical equipment at home.

Our medical equipments provide the best thera-peutic support , specifically for patients recover-ing from fracture, broken bone, nerve damage, muscle strain or joint replacement.

Physical Therapists prefer our products as it continues to enhance therapeutic exercise for increasing range of motion, muscle strength, balance and endurance of joint and soft tissue mo-bilization including but not limited to:

  • Home exercise instruction
  • Orthotics and brace fitting
  • Crutch, cane and walker fitting
  • Lumbar stabilization training
  • Therapeutic massage

Our experienced staff will be willing to work with you and your patients to determine and navigate through complex health insur-ance eligibility process and provide the most optimal choice for durable medical equip-ment needs.

We accept many insurances including but not limited to:

  • Medicare
  • MediCAL
  • DHS Department of Rehabilitation
  • LA Care
  • Inland Empire Health Plan
  • and many other HMO and PPO insurances

We offer a wide range of options for your patients and will be willing to assist in providing and collating all necessary paper-work to meet the DME needs of your pa-tients at little or NO COST to them.